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Monday JULY 4th, 2022...8 A.M. START


Its the dawning of a new age in road and trail racing... the T-Rex Ten Mile Trail Run is one of those small town off the beaten path running races with a cult following. This small time, lost in time, gem of a race will take you on a journey back in time to the Land of the Dinosaurs! It's not that this is a Lost Race as much as maybe this race doesn't want to be found.

Although we cannot guarantee that everyone will enjoy any or all of the T-Rex Trails...but some where out on the trails you'll catch what runners call "Trail Fever" and you'll never be the same again in the way you look at Road Races...

Will you see LOCHNESS? Can you make it through Stegasaurus Ridge? Run past the Dinosaur Egg Piles and under the Prehistoric Snakes and ultimately you will try to get up the Famous Tyrannasaurus Rex Hill.

Can You Do It?  Come find out on July 4th...if you are scared at all then please enter the Wimpy fun run where you will get a Wimpy shirt and finisher award and only have to run a wimpy distance....no age groups in the wimpy but wimpy awards to all wimps who finish.

Race Day Registration is from 7 a.m. till 7:50 a.m.

Come on Out and Catch Trail Fever...race starts at 8 a.m.

Awards to top 3 in all age groups. Awards to top finishers as well as the "best of the worst" raffle afterwards.

This is ONE WAY COOL T-Shirt!...I would have to say it's the best race tee I've seen in a very long time! Besides a race like this will leave you contemplating as to why you've been running all those ordinary races.

Email Coach Droski at coachdroski@aol.com if you need more information.

EVERY FINISHER that misses an Award will get a Cheesy "Old Fart" Raffle Prize...must be present to win and all present win!